You probably already know this.

I expect that most people looking at this blog have some familiarity with amateur (ham) radio, and will therefore be familiar with the term QRP. You will see QRP mentioned a lot in my blog.

On the other hand, you may have stumbled in here by mistake, and are wondering “what is the QRP thing?” QRP is a term that means “low power operation.” It is not an acronym; it comes from a set of Morse code abbreviations called “Q” signals. By low power, we mean less than 5 watts, sometimes much less. Contact the world using the power of a nightlight bulb. You can see the appeal.

QRP is a sub-culture within ham radio. There are many hams who are fans of low power operation. QRP offers many advantages, such as:

  • Very small, cute radios that fit in your pocket.
  • Lightweight, portable antennas that fit in your pocket and are easy to deploy
  • Minimal power requirements, usually just a small battery
  • A feeling of immense joy when you succeed in contacting anyone, anywhere

Further, I am a subscriber to a subset of the QRP world, those who practice LPCA operation. This is an acronym standing for “low power, crappy antenna”. So I find myself attempting contacts with one watt home-brewed transmitters, connected to short pieces of wire that are barely off the ground.

Hope springs eternal.

de N2HTT

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1 Response to You probably already know this.

  1. Pete says:

    LOL … I was unfamiliar with the term LPCA … I LIVE IT! It TOTALLY applies to my operations in the field … but the again, I always did love a good challenge! 🙂

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