Regenerative Receiver Links

Here are some links to web pages with regenerative receiver circuits I find interesting for any one of several reasons

  • General sources on homebrew receivers

Dave’s Homemade Tube Radios
by Dave Schmarder, N2DS. Over a decade of homebrew tube radios, and much excellent material on regens.

Building Notes for Tube Type Regenerative Radios
by Dave Schmarder, N2DS. This page is the best overall introduction to regen functionality I have found so far:
“Dave’s regen notes is a how to for designing your own – regeneration control methods and output coupling are all discussed.”

  • Low voltage tube designs

A single 12v space-charge tube receiver
by Normal Leal

Low Voltage (12VDC) Two Tube Regen Receiver
Using “Space Charge” Technology

A low voltage 2 tube regenerative receiver
A nice schematic showing 6C6s being operated as space charge tubes. I couldn’t figure out an attribution for this link.

12 Volt Vacuum Tube Regenerative Receiver (uses 6BA6s in grounded grid configuration)
by Mike Branca – W3IRZ

A 12-Volt Homebrew Regen
By Al Klase. A space charge tube design.

  • Circuits using tubes I have on hand, that could maybe be adapted to low voltage

Double twin triode regen, using 6SN7’s
by Scot Armstrong

A 1948 era One Tube Regen, using a 6SN7
This site by Gary Johanson, WD4NKA, contains a number of interesting projects besides the regen, which is Project #1 on the page

The AA8V Twinplex Regenerative Receiver (uses 6SN7s)
by Greg Latta, AA8V

  • Designs with good antenna isolation

Discussion of a 6SN7 design using a grounded grid RF amp. The circuit they are talking about can be seen here.

Solid state design with RF buffer after antenna.
by Ray Ring, Circuit Salad blog

  • Interesting solid state designs

 A bipolar transistor design.
by Ray Ring, Circuit Salad blog

Another bipolar transistor design from the same source.
by Ray Ring, Circuit Salad blog

Popcorn QRP – Regenerative Receiver #4
by Vasily Ivanenko, “Todd”, VE7BPO. Great resource!

  • Other

Home Brew Regenerative Receiver
A nice discussion, with lots of background information links, of a home brew tube regen restored by the author, Rich KB8TAD. Look at his entire site for lots of information on vintage rigs.

Some Regenerative Receivers and a beautiful TRF Receiver.
by Kenneth Gordon, W7EKB. A good compilation of tube regen links.

NRQ-62, The Ultimate Regenerative Receiver
by Jim Stoneback K4XAF. Absolutely beautiful.

Posts relating to regens on the Soldersmoke blog

3 Responses to Regenerative Receiver Links

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  2. Hi–did you ever build the Normal Leal 12K5 12V regen radio? I am doing so, but don’t understand what I need as a transformer to run a speaker. I tried a small Radio Shack audio transformer, but it started to get hot quickly. So I need a high wattage transformer, but want to limit $$, as usual.


    Bob Pendergast

    • n2htt says:

      Hi Bob,
      I have not tried this circuit myself – this page was part of a survey I did to see what I could find on the web.
      From the description with the circuit, it sounds like you will need a transformer capable of handling a little current, but the type of transformer doesn’t sound too critical. With the warmer weather coming, and ham fests springing up, perhaps you could find a junked 6v filament transformer that would be inexpensive and do the job.
      Let me know how it works out

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