But wait, there’s more!

About that regen…

At the beginning of November 2014 I’d started collecting parts and begun the build of a WBR Regenerative Receiver. After building two (now three counting the Mighty Mite) transmitters, I was feeling a powerful urge to put together a complete homebrew station including a scratch built receiver.

The Mighty Mite, and the holidays intervened, but after several false starts, I have built my first working receiver. It’s not packaged in an enclosure yet, but tested and working FB.

I will have another post in a week or so when it is all buttoned up, chronicling the journey, but in the meantime I felt this event merits some mention in the blog, so here it is –WBR Regen, the movie:

There’s lots of things to to share about the building, but that will wait for next time.


de N2HTT



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4 Responses to But wait, there’s more!

  1. Alexander Riccio says:

    Michael, you are bringing back my 1930-1940 ham radio days. (almost forgotten!). Good job!
    Uncle Al,W2NBJ

  2. AA7EE says:

    It’s looking and sounding good Michael. Looking forward to the next installment!


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